… As a breakfast, or for offer a good dessert in a healthy way, ideal with hot chocolate or coffee

which does not contain Palm Oil …

From the cradle of the churro with a centennial formula Our churros are ideal for their easy manipulation

The churros are attract people to the establishment and are consumed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

¡ Take away taste !




Why should we choose our churros?

Not all churros are the same… Tradition and crafts come together in our churros

To the ease of use and Being the most recognized among our clients, many located in the most churrera area of the country par excellence of the churros, Spain, is a clear evidence of tradition and craftsmanship.

Being present in organized clients is an example of ease of use.

chocolate con churros !

chocolate con churros !

Ideal for chocolate

With what you want … a product which combines perfectly with what you want. With chocolate, with sweet milk, with your own recipe …

Easy, warm and serve

Only by placing, frozen or thawed in an oven at 390 F air fryer or your oven toaster for a few minutes

Until thawed and crispy.


1th step

1th step

2nd step

2nd step

3rd step

3rd step


Natural products that contribute to a healthy diet.

The careful selection of the raw material is the key and the basis.


Who are our customers?

    • European food retail chains, most recently South Korea

          • Prestigious hotel chains

          • Coffee shops and Chocolate Houses all over Spain & Europe

MAPA DEL MUNDO - Churros por el mundo

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