What are our products? Frozen churros crafts for oven and toaster

From the cradle of the churro and with a centennial formula, our churros are ideal for their easy handling, allowing to have high quality churros at any time of the day. Churros are highly profitable products that attract people to the establishment and are consumed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage!


Churros are a dough of wheat flour, salt and water, fried in oil. Despite having a pinch of salt, our churros are essentially neutral, and can be accompanied by multiple recipes, from sweet to savory. Typical accompaniments such as hot chocolate, cocoa creams, dulce de leche, ice cream and a long etc.

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Churros is a typical Spanish product that, due to its quality, has spread throughout the world. Our churros add a lot of value to the establishment, because they combine attraction of people to establishment, differentiation to competition and high marginality.


Churros are usually consumed for breakfast or snack, and even as a snack for the night. They are ideal for drinks with friends, or simply as an accompaniment on a pleasant walk through the center of any beautiful city. It is a fun consumption, alone or in company, to take them in a place or in the form of take away, having a high number of followers where they are implanted.

macchurros.com – products